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Holden Scramble – Sunday 6 August




2017 SW TIMES Capel 3000 Nomination Form


Please click the link below for the Nomination Form for the 2017 SW TIMES Capel 3000

2017 CAPEL 3000 Nomination Form

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Hole 1

1st Hole

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RED 325m  –  BLUE 324m  –  BLACK 331m

To position yourself for the best approach to the green take your driver or 3 wood down the right side of the fairway. From there it is a short iron shot uphill to a green guarded by a bunker at the front. Don’t go long.

Hole 2

Hole 2


RED 295m  –  BLUE 353m  –  BLACK 369m

This hole demands accuracy off the tee with a generous landing area. Tall trees left and right will penalise any errant drive. The green slopes up from front to back so leave your approach shot below the hole for an easier putt. Bunkers left and right of the green await a misdirected shot.

Hole 3

Hole 3

RED 110m  –  BLUE 140m  –  BLACK 145m

A good mid iron shot into a tight landing area is required here. A bunker front left needs to be avoided.

Hole 4

Hole 4


Capel Vale Signage 4th TEE 2016

RED 395m  –  BLUE 395m  –  BLACK 395m

This straight away hole is the longest par 4 on the course that plays as a par 5 for the ladies. A long drive will leave you with a mid to long iron shot into the green. If the sea breeze is blowing then an extra club or two will be required. A mis-directed drive could lead to a big score on this hole.

Hole 5

RED 425m  –  BLUE 480m  –  BLACK 486m

A fairway bunker on the right awaits at 220m from the tee. To have the best chance of reaching the green in two, the drive needs to start down the right and fade to the middle of the fairway. From that point you can either lay up or the brave can go for the green but beware of the green side bunker on the left.

Hole 6

Hole 6

RED 290m  –  BLUE 327m  –  BLACK 331m

This dogleg left hole demands accuracy off the tee. A well placed 3 wood will leave a short iron into a well-guarded green protected by a bunker front right.